About Mori Webster



Since childhood, I have enjoyed writing and words. My fifth-grade teacher even told my parents I should spend less time writing stories (inspired by Nancy Drew) and more time on homework. Much later, I was proofreading my husband’s Ph.D papers.

These days spelling and usage errors jump off the page or computer screen at me. I see them in news reports and display ads and then wonder if the originator lacks money for proofreading or just doesn’t care. When I see those errors in places like Craigslist, I immediately become wary of scams.

Building on this word awareness, as well as medical, law enforcement/legal and forensic elements of my work experience, I have trained in transcript proofreading to help court reporters and other transcriptionists to deliver quality work.

In addition to the written word, I enjoy the Photoshopped word: Pairing explanation with image. Photo lettering has been my way of creating covers for my eBooks and creating memorial collages of pets. Sometimes, as in the case of logos and monograms, the word becomes the image as I draw on my calligraphic background.

More detailed information about my experience may be found on Linkedin.